Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Should I stay or run away

Choices is in your hands

Difficult decision to be made. Well, to put it into story, I have placed myself into one of the toughest electives that the Faculty of Education could offer. I joined this class on the basis of interest, but more importantly was because of my friends. Now that they all have shifted their personality, it's hard for me to work along with them. I need to respect their decision and give them some space for good changes. I'm now stuck inside that class, as a sole Malay male. With one of the assignments coming up, which requires me to pair up with someone and create a 40 minutes presentation, I could see this as a pending doom. I dont think locals would like to pair up with a second language user like me. It would jeopardize their assignment mark as I'm not a competent user of English. Besides, none of them even like to sit beside me during the lecture. adeh...

It's even harder for me to accept that I have to ignore 9 of my friends during the tutorial. I cant even imagine the moment when I need to choose which table to sit with. It would seem awkward for me to sit with the locals when there is a group of Malaysian students sitting on the other side. These are all the pessimistic side of thinking.

Meanwhile, if I were to see it in a positive way. I get to mingle around with other native speakers during tutorial and use the English language more. That's why I'm here for in Brisbane. Aaaaah, one more thing, I might also work harder due to my disadvantages in class. The idea that I dont have anyone to depend on might be able to push me even further as individual learner. Besides, university is nothing like school or colleges. You need to work more on your own. It's you yourself. I've Allah and my family as a source of strength. That's more than enough.

Well then, since I can still re-allocate my class before 15th of August, it's only a matter of choices......
O' Allah, please guide me

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