Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sometimes I'm just too ambitious

It has been playing in my head for quite some times.
The idea of opening up a small business.
Yet, I'm not sure how am I going to accomplish this.
I'm just a weakling with many limitations.
I just cant afford to be doing so many things at one time.
At one end, I'm an educator.... and on the other end, I'm a part-time Unit Trust Consultant. Now, to feed my youthful eagerness, I'm dreaming of having a business of my own (which is almost impossible coz I'm going to be a government servant soon).

Well, to do it or not to do it.... let me just lay out my current idea.
Lately, I've been doing some research on "Carwash" business.
It may sound weird, but believe me, I myself am amazed of how much effort I've put into this matter.
How much have I been looking into this carwashing thingy? Well, I'd gone to the extent of outlining the risks and benefits of this ridiculous endeavor.
Why do I like this business the most? simple, because it is a service-based business which does not involve products (less risk).
In order to establish it, I may only need to look for die-hardworking workers, finding the most feng shui location, strategic marketing and recruiting a trustworthy manager.
But doing all these, may take the sweat out of me if I were to do it alone.

Besides, when I started to think about the risks, plenty has come for me to ponder.
I may say that having a trustworthy manager is the key to this business... but how am I going to ensure that?
Moreover, many have said that local workers working rate is awfully unproductive, and that foreign workers are the best solution, how on earth would I bring them to Malaysia and place them in Terengganu if the business is allocated there?
Many would say, "dude, all you need to do is to put some effort into it. No business is easy maa". Yes indeed, I agree.
But, with my times divided into so many obligations (teaching and UTC), opening this business would seem impossible.

For short term journey, it might be very hard for me to achieve.
However, what may come in the future I dont know. Hopefully, I will find a way to do this. InsyaAllah.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kenapa...oh kenapa?

  1. Aku merancang awal bukan kerana aku tamak.
  2. Aku merancang awal bukan kerana aku seorang kapitalis.
  3. Aku merancang awal bukan kerana aku hendakkan status.
  4. Aku merancang awal bukan kerana aku ingin hidup sebagai seorang yang kaya

  1. Aku merancang awal supaya aku tidak kesal dikemudian hari.
  2. Aku merancang awal supaya aku dapat menyempurnakan tanggungjawabku sebagai seorang lelaki.
  3. Aku merancang awal supaya aku tidak tergolong dikalangan mereka yang kufur nikmat.
  4. Aku merancang awal supaya aku dapat menenangkan fikiran dikemudian hari
Dibawah naungan dan rahmat Ilahi... semoga aku tidak terpesong daripada pendirianku ini

Friday, May 28, 2010


Pelaburan Unit Amanah direkabentuk untuk mengatasi hampir semua cabaran dalam ekonomi dan kewangan.
Antara cabaran yang mampu diatasi dengan pelaburan unit amanah ialah:
1. Inflasi/kenaikan harga atau penyusutan nilai wang;
2. Pulangan daripada simpanan/deposit yang rendah;
3. Wang untuk kehidupan selepas bersara yang tidak mencukupi;
4. Wang untuk pengajian tinggi anak-anak yang tidak mencukupi; dan
5. Kekurangan wang untuk memulakan pemilikan harta tanah.

Untuk itu, unit amanah dapat membantu kita melaburkan sebahagian daripada wang/modal secara lebih profesional dan agresif untuk memenuhi hampir semua impian masa depan kita.
Antara impian/tujuan kewangan masa depan yang boleh dicapai menerusi pelaburan unit amanah ialah:
1. Mengatasi inflasi di masa depan - kemampuan/kuasa membeli kita lebih tinggi berbanding kenaikan harga barang setiap tahun;
2. Menikmati pulangan yang lebih tinggi 2 hingga 5 kali ganda berbanding simpanan biasa;
3. Menyediakan wang sara hidup yang mencukupi untuk tempoh lebih 30 tahun selepas bersara tanpa perlu merendahkan/mengurangkan gaya hidup/biaya bulanan;
4. Mengumpul kekayaan lebih pantas;
5. Menyediakan wang biaya hidup dan yuran pendidikan tinggi yang mencukupi untuk sepanjang tempoh pengajian anak-anak;
6. Menyediakan modal pemilikan rumah dan harta tanah;
7. Menyediakan modal asas atau pengembangan perniagaan;
8. Memperolehi semula wang bayaran pinjaman perumahan;
9. Menyediakan wang menunaikan umrah/haji 2 kali lebih banyak;
10. Menyediakan wang pelancongan/ziarah yang selesa;
11. dan pelabagai tujuan kewangan masa depan.

Unit amanah menyediakan semua kategori pelaburan yang sesuai untuk semua jenis profil pelabur seperti berikut:
1. Dana KONSERVATIF (purata pulangan setahun 2% - 6%)
2. Dana SEDERHANA (purata pulangan setahun 6% - 12%)
3. Dana AGRESIF (purata pulangan setahun 12% - 15%)

Jika anda berminat untuk mengatasi semua cabaran ekonomi, menikmati pulangan pelaburan yang lebih baik serta mencapai segala impian kewangan masa depan anda, sila hubungi perunding-perunding kami. Perundingan dan nasihat adalah percuma. Kami akan membantu anda merancang dan memulakan pelaburan secara tepat untuk mencapai impian jangka sederhana dan jangka panjang (5 tahun ke atas) anda.

Disunting dari


Argh, I should have thought about this thing a long time ago.
Nevertheless, I still feel grateful for having understood on this matter before it is too late.

After my return from kangaroo land, I met this guy (Azahari Khuzaifah) who opened my eyes really wide on the reality of life.

Since I'm now legible to vote, I guess I can categorize myself as an adult.

He told me all sorts of responsibility that I would undertake in the future.

Life insurance is just one of many...... but, investment is the main idea that he wanted me to understand.

He assured me that life is not like walking in a flower garden with beautiful pavement guiding our path and colourful rainbow over your head.

It's as hell as you can imagine if you dont anticipate it early.
Although I may straight away be hired as a government servant, but with lack of knowledge in financial management, it may prove to revoke me from attaining a wonderful life.

Well, enough of the story. Let me just tell you that our financial stability is in direct correlation with our health. As we get older, our fitness and health decrease. Same goes with our labour production. We cant be thinking of generating the same income or salary as much as we do while we are still young. For say, some of my friends right now might be going off from one place to another to do their MLM's business a part from their full-time job. Well, as the saying goes, the more you earn, the better lifestyle you have. They do extra work so that they can buy the "unnecessary" things that they want. For instance, branded clothing and latest techno gadget. But, would they be able to maintain this as they grow older with many liabilities to handle at the same time? Will they have the same strength as they were before? Are they going to regret for not having any consideration of investing the money that they spent unwisely for their future security?

So, as he enlightened me with this true fact, he told me ways of investing some of my money for future security. Its about UNIT TRUST or in Malay we call it "Unit Amanah".
Unlike ASB or Tabung Haji, this investment scheme has slighter risk than normal savings. But, it gives far greater benefit than any other savings in the long run.
To explain about unit trust, I guess I'll update it later.....