Sunday, July 20, 2008

21st July 2008, A new beginning


After two months of holiday, it has finally came. The day where I need to sweat my brain off again. Arghh, this sem is going to be staggeringly challenging. My monday timetable is immensely full. Starting from 8.00 am, with TESOL Methodology, until 9.00 pm, Digital Media. Hahaha, 9 hours of excruciating pain. Nevermind though, I'll get use to it sooner or later. Becoming a teacher is nothing more but to immune urself to difficult tasks and situations. The more pain you gain, the more rewards and experiences you get to be a successful educator in the future. Bare with it Sani. Believe in urself. Make sure u'll get good grades for this Sem. Adun Hitorigash!!


Alice said...

aja2 fighting!!

tahap bosan kat sini coz kelas 2 -3 hours a day..tmbah2 summer school ne..huhuhu

Nekrad's Lair said...

huhuhu... thanx nad. mmg tgh fighting ah nih. susah gak subject tis sem.