Sunday, February 15, 2009



aku agak down lately. Fikirkan yg aku perlu lalu 9 more months living overseas.
Bukan disebabkan cuaca, bukan disebabkan negara orang, dan bukan disebabkan perbezaan culture. Tapi sbb aku terpaksa menghadap orang2 yg aku kurang senangi skali lg.
Tapi xpe, only for 9 months.

The pasts are now history. I should have forgotten all of those silly memories that I have with them.
I should proceed with my wonderful live, aim for the goals that I've set and become a better Muslim.
Right now, I'm thinking of extending my property adventure and get good results for my studies.
It's such a silly thing for me to be jealous to someone who didnt notice me anymore.
I see things clearly now, I'm gonna be a strong INDIVIDUAL.
I dont need to have so many friends. I only need a few that are really trustworthy and faithful.
This will mark the beginning of my progress to a better journey.

Thanks mak, for giving me your valuable advice.


Naqiah said...

bila awak habis eh?

Pendatang Tanpa Nama said...

hehe, move to maksud dier nak menuju ke hadapan. malas nak tgk2 belakang (perkara lepas). Erm, saya abes November nih. Kejap jer pn duk luar negara. Awak camner bisnes kek?

Naqiah said...

ohh..ok..move it move it..
bisnes ok..alhamdulillah..
cuma penat tak terkata..
tp azam tu yg buat kita kuat..hehe..

Alice said...

hmm..those whom i trust the most, my siblings and few je kot. semak la kawan terlampau ramai tapi tiada faedah pon. kan?