Sunday, August 3, 2008


I came across upon hatred long ago, back when I was still young.
He was my true enemy at that time. We have nothing in common, but a complete contrast.
I couldnt accept him as my partner in life, thus seeing him in front of my bare eyes.

Now, he returns to me again. Offering me the same deal which I rejected before.
A deal which may release me from such tremendous suffering which I held within me now. Sorry to ignore you in the past Hatred.
Now, spread your will and guidance within me, to go against those who I once loved.
Let my past memory be erased.
Thank you hatred, your timing is so accurate. It is now that I shall need you.

(Weih, xpenah2 aku tulis nder gini. Nih mesti ada org ajar aku nih. Doa jer laaa weih. Apa hok mung nok hate-hate org nih. Ish2.)

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