Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tergerak Untuk Berkata-kata

OK, aku kembali sekali lg, sort of like once in a blue moon tul aku meng"UPDATE" blog aku nih.

Well, It's been awhile since I last reveal my current condition.
Right now, I'm truly interested in getting myself into business.
I've made contact again with my old buddy. He has already began his journey to the Millionnaire paradise.

p/s: both of us are opposed to direct selling since we were in secondary school because this kind of business activity contains syubhah (doubts) on its source of finance.

Pok Long, or so call Khairul, is now trading high quality silk (which he bought cheaply from his hometown) to well-established shops around Kuala Lumpur.
His experience is undoubtedly great as he had already understood the ups and downs of doing business. He knows how to do deal, negotiate for the best price, getting the right tender and even get the right investor into his venture.
With 3k networth monthly as a student, that's something to be proud of. tambah2 plak, this guy will soon be working under Petronas..... UTP students laaa katakan. So, basic salary dier sure banyak giler. haih.....
But, what about me? Why am I still paralyze and not doing anything?
Hmmmmm.... (looking for personal motivation).
I guess I'm not into this kind of business. My desire tells me that I need to do something more reassuring. Less risks.....

Duk koya2 kat Brisbane nih, I finally get myself working with a great property investor. His lifestyle btol2 motivate me to be just like him. Imagine, he only needs to worry about his houses of not getting any tenants to occupy them. Other than that, it's all about his family, 24/7. He spends all of his time at home, and only waits for his houses to generate income (monthly rental). Cool eh?
As for this, my eyes are now set on properties. Buying lands, houses, apartments, you name them....
Mak pon dah memang ajar suruh buat bender2 nih since I was in secondary school.
That's what I'm going to do in the next 25 years or maybe more.
With some of the experience gained from my boss wisdoms (working part-time job), knowledge from books written by well-known property author... I guess I'm set and ready to have a try.
Skarang, I'm just waiting to go back home... Malaysia. Sampai2 jer, aku akan terus accelerate myself in getting my first property. That would be an apartment or a house.

I'm working on my downpayment at the moment and collecting it through my part-time job salary. Travel tetap travel, tp x sehebat kawan2 aku yg lain. Kena tahan nafsu.... xpe kut, itu satu pengorbanan untuk masa depan yg cerah. InsyaAllah. All I need to do now is to pray that my determination doesnt fade away.


Naqiah Khalidah said...

wahh..nanti balik malaysia bisnes la die eh..hehe..jgn lupa sy skali..

Pendatang Tanpa Nama said...

hehehe, bereh2 yayah. InsyaAllah x lupa. mintak awak sewa umah saya jer nanti.

Naqiah Khalidah said...

haha..ade ke suh sewa sy tadop rumah jer?

Pendatang Tanpa Nama said...

mana tau, awak posting mana2 kat KL. lg convenient sewa, sbb awak xkan nak tinggal kat KL kut...

Ir.Hilmi said...

perrrhhh..berbisnes die..

tanak cari partner ker??hehe